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My wife, daughter and I went as horses for Halloween!

My wife, daughter and I went as horses for Halloween!

About Branndon

Hello fellow wheelers! My name is Branndon, and I run 4×4 Mecca. I’m in my early 30′s, married,  have a kid, a dog, and two cats. I got in to Off Roading in 2002 or so when I first saw a convertible Bronco. Shortly after that, I bought my first 4×4, a 1989 K5 Blazer. From there I upgraded the axles, tires, and interior. Next I bought a 1973 GMC Jimmy, just about bone stock, and put a 514CID engine in it. I rebuilt the engine, transmission, transfer cases, and more. I love in Southern California, near Orange County.

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“Wheelers Helping Wheelers”

What is 4×4 Mecca?

The Short Version

An awesome 4×4 site with ambitions to be have everything you need in a 4×4 website.

The Long Version

In 2006, I was doing a Dana 60 / 14FF axle swap in my 4×4, and I needed to find a gasket. No one on the 4×4 forums I visited could find the gasket part number, and I was getting mixed answers from people. This started my frustration with the organization of 4×4 related content on the web. 4×4 Mecca started in 2006 from the idea that I could categorize all off road related things in one place.

Before I even thought about making money from the site, how to run a site, or the commitment required to run a website as large as this, I dove right in. I threw up some forums on July 4, 2006, and invited many of my friends from another 4×4 forum which I was a moderator of. I got a few hundred users right away, that quickly grew to thousands. Today the forum has nearly 80,000 posts in a multitude of categories.

Because the forum did so well, manyof my initial reasons for starting this site sort of fell by the way side. I have many tech articles, but I just don’t have enough resources, vendors, parts, or other info that I know you’re all looking for.

Beginning near the end of 2012, I decided to jump in full speed to bring this site to my original vision. I’m putting the foundation in place, and adding all the info that I can find related to off-froading.

My philosophy’s on life, 4×4′s, and friends can all be summed up by the phrase “Do onto others as you would have others do onto you”.

  • I don’t wish the demise of other 4×4 websites just because I want mine to be great.
  • I’ll never be jealous of the success of sites like Pirate4x4.com or Coloradok5.com because they are larger than 4x4Mecca.com, I would love it if we could ALL grow together. The idea that someone else has to fail for you to succeed isn’t always the case. I would love to send traffic to those sites, knowing full well that I’m making the site owners money (Shhh, it’s taboo to speak of making money!).
  • I genuinely want to have the greatest resource of 4×4 related knowledge on the web. This includes the following goals:
    • Largest Database of 4×4 related part numbers and sources
    • Largest Database of 4×4 trails (So far we have about 1,300 4×4 Trails)
    • Largest Database of 4×4 Vendors (both online, and offline vendors)
    • Largest Database of 4×4 Tech Articles, How-to’s, and instructional videos (We have almost 400 Tech Links so far).
    • Largest Database of 4×4 product Reviews (I hope that most reviews will be done by our members, and that they will be able to keep the product after the review.)
    • Largest Database of 4×4 Forums
    • Largest Database of 4×4 Clubs
    • Largest 4×4 Classifieds Location
    • Largest Database of 4×4 Terms and Definitions
    • Plus many many more things which every 4×4 enthusiast might want.

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