Project Torque

R.I.P. Project Torque 2008

Project Torque had to be sold in 2008.

Project Torque is a 1973 GMC Jimmy. I choose a 73 because it is a full convertible truck, and also it is smog exempt here in California. I bought it with the purpose of building a big engine off road truck that I could still drive to the beach during the summer.

I began disassembling it shortly after I bought it. I also bought a 1976 Cadillac on eBay for $455. I took the engine from the Cadillac had it cleaned up by a machine shop. I then rebuilt it using some mild performance parts. Had I known then what I know now, I would have used higher performance parts. Unfortunately, I didn’t tighten a rod bolt correctly, which required a complete rebuild. This time I had the help of my Dad and Brother.

Beginning in June of 2004, I began the project. Through out the entire build, my friend Devin was practically working on it as much as I was. I wouldn’t have had it done when I did if it wasn’t for him.

Some people ask me if it will ever be done. My response to that is, no. It is truly a never ending project.


  • Engine
  • 1976 Cadillac 500ci Bored .060 over. Now 514 Cubic Inches 8.3 Liters. Fully Balanced.
  • Pistons – 4.364 inch 8.5:1 Keith black hypereutectic flat top pistons
  • Crank – Stock .020 grind 4.3 stroke
  • Heads – Stock 120cc with three angle valve job. Street/Strip valve springs
  • Timing chain – Stock
  • Cam – Duration @ .050 range 220-228 Valve lift range .525″-.538″ Estimated power – 350 HP 525 TQ
  • Transmission – TH400 (2.48, 1.48, 1.0). Out of a 1984 K30. Fresh rebuild & Shift Kit. New TCI 13” Torque Converter
  • Transfer Case 1 – NP203 (2.01 low, 1.0 high) Out of a 1973 GMC Jimmy
  • Transfer Case 2 – NP205 (1.96 low, 1.0 high) Out of a 1984 1 Ton Chevy
  • Suspension Front – 4 inch Tuff country EZ ride springs from Off Road Design , Zero rate
  • Suspension Rear – Off Road Design shackle flip and stock springs, Zero rate
  • Body lift – 1 inch aluminum pucks
  • Axle Front – Dana 60 (Out of a 1984 1 Ton Chevy) with 5.13 gears and Powertrax locker
  • Axle Rear – 14FF (Out of a 1984 1 Ton Chevy) with 5.13 gears, Powertrax locker and 1976 Cadddy Eldorado Calipers
  • Tires – 37 inch tall 12.5 inch wide Interco SSR Series Super Swamper Radial / TSL
  • Rims – 5 Custom StazWorks Bead locks 16.5 x 9.75 on 4 1/2 inch back spacing
  • Electric Fans – Dual fans from a 1998 Windstar
  • Front Shock Mounts – 2002 f250 Super Duty shock mounts
  • Rear Shock Mounts – Custom inboard shock mount
  • Batteries – Optima yellow top
  • Drive Shafts – Highangledrivelines
    Custom dash – Not done yet
  • Paint Job – Home Depot Special
  • Wiring – Painless Harness
  • Steering wheel – Grant

Complete Build (11:52)

6 Burn-Outs (1:51)

Racing Some Friends (1:13)

Offroading at Cooks Corner (5:12)

OCX Offroad Park, Irvine, Ca (1:32)

Spray Painting It (1:24)

Drenching My Friend Andrew (1:16)

Fixing My Rear Locker (3:53)

Off-Roading Silverado Canyon (3:48)

Breaking My 14FF Yolk (0:10)


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