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Yukon Gear Install in a 14 Bolt

Recently, when it came time for me to install my new 14-bolt ARB Air Locker, I was horrified to find that my gears were in atrocious condition. So much for maintenance…gulp! I guess 27 years of hard use – the last 7 or so under brutal conditions in the rear of my rock buggy take their toll on a set of gears!


14 Bolt ARB Air locker install

Until recently, there was one fairly major drawback to the 14-bolt: locker selection was far poorer than for other axles. Not so long ago it used to be that you had open carriers, a few weak/unreliable limited-slips, Detroit Lockers, or a home-made welded-up spool.


Welding the spider gears in a 14 Bolt

Theres a couple ways shown here to weld the spider gears in your axle.


14 Bolt Gear Install

Tanner 4 Wheel Drive in Colorado Springs Colorado installed our new 4.88 gears from Drive Train Direct. Thinking about doing it yourself, you might want to read this first.


14 Bolt Detroit Install

Installation of the Detroit locker is quite simple. The locker replaces the spider gears and no carrier had to be purchased for our application.


14 Bolt Bible

Just like the name says……
14 Bolt Bible

14 Bolt 1410 Yoke and U-bolt Kit

Everyone knows by now what a fan I am of the mighty GM 10.5″ ring gear 14-bolt axle. It’s an especially good choice for the budget builder because it’s so stout in stock form. That is…except for one really weak Achilles heel. In stock form, most, if not all 14 bolt pinion yokes use “straps and bolts” to retain the driveshaft U-joint.



14 Bolt Tech Tuesday

The questions below are answered hereĀ 14 Bolt FF Information

What do you know about this axle?

Is there anything stronger?

What does it cost?

Where can I find one?

How easy are parts to find?

What swaps are available?

Is it worth upgrading to from a 12 bolt?

Which gears are available?