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dodge vs chevy d60 – Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board

i got a 76-80 d-600 front dana60 and was wondering the differences between it and a chevy d60, other than wms and spring perch width.


Some good dana 44 & 60 info

Mr.N’s Dana Axle Articles

Dana 60 Spicer hub exploded view

Dodge Dana 60 Exploded View
Dodge Dana 60 Exploded View

GM Dana 60 Exploded View
GM Dana 60 Exploded View

Ford Dana 60 Exploded View
Ford Dana 60 Exploded View

Dana 60 kingpin removal, the easy way.

Pic of the easiest way to remove a Dana 60 kingpin without a cutting torch, any kind of heat or 8 foot cheater bars.


The BillaVista-60 Super Dana 60 Front Axle Project

2003 was a year distinguished by the continued explosive growth in popularity of hardcore off-roading, trail riding, and rock crawling. It was also a year that saw a massive increase in the availability of hardcore parts for the most serious rock crawlers and trail runners, thanks to a number of select companies (like those pictured above) stepping up to the plate and offering truly innovative, great quality parts – built specifically for the abuse we like to dish out.

Part 1a – The Tech Behind the Talk – Steel and Material Strength
Part 1b – The Tech Behind the Talk – Axle Shaft Technology
Part 2 – Superior Shafts and CTM Joints
Part 3 – Polyperformance Drive Flanges
Part 4 – Crane High Clearance Knuckles, Steering Arms, and Diff Cover
Part 5 – Selectable Locker
Part 6 – Testing and Summary


Teraflex T-Locker Review in a Dana 60

I had long wanted a selectable locker for the front of my rig. While my old welded-up spool provided all the traction I ever wanted, the handling it induced was terrible. The overwhelming tendency for the front wheels to plow straight ahead while turned, seriously compromised maneuverability. It was especially annoying in tight, technical rock crawling where precision is key and a few inches can mean making or losing the line. Adding full hydraulic steering did nothing to help ‘€“ sure, it reduced the steering effort a lot, but it can’€™t make the wheels track a turn the way an open differential can. I tried various other ‘€œsolutions’€ to the problem: I added cutting brakes and I tried using locking hubs instead of drive flanges but nothing stopped the front end from plowing. And so I knew that if it was the ultimate in both traction and turning I wanted, a selectable locker I must have. But which one?


Front Dana 60 Axle 35 Spline Stub Shaft, Drive Flange, and “BIG” Inner shaft tech

Detailed installation of “Big” (non-neckdown, 1981+) inner axle shafts, Dana 70 35 Spline stub shafts, and Warn 35 Spline Drive Flanges in a Chevy dana 60 front axle. Ever wondered what the differences between the “small” and “big” shafts were? What the 35 spline stub shafts are like compared to the stock 60 30 spliners? Exactly what drive flanges consist of and how to install them? Well, it’s all here – detailed pics, specs, etc. Also detailed instructions on installing u-joints in axle shafts, and what the heck are all those seals on the stub shaft and in what order/orientation are they installed? Read it here!


Shaving a Dana 60 for Clearance

The 60 has one “huge” problem. I say huge, the pumpkin is huge and it hangs down over an inch more than the 44.


Dana 60 Maintenance Manual

Whether you need to perform routine maintenance or a complete overhaul on your Dana 60 front or rear axle this online maintenance manual will have you up and running in no time.

Download the Dana 60 Maintenance Manual PDF

Dana 60 front Axle Kingpin Rebuild Kit

Rebuilding Dana 60 Front Axle Kingpins. Not one of the most glamorous upgrades, but nonetheless an important aspect of front axle maintenance, especially with the punishment a front axle takes with big tires, locked/welded diff’s, and high horsepower.