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Dana 60 Caliper Grinding

So, what does it take to run 15″ wheels on 8 lug front axles? Follow along as Russ Huffman demonstrates on how to grind a set of Dana 60 calipers.


Dana 60 Bible

This monster is some 66 pages long, and contains just about everything there is to know about Dana 60 Front Axles. Sections include description, identification, dimensions, specifications, pictures, Bill of Materials listings, parts interchange, assembly specifications, yokes, gears, lockers, axle shafts, bearings and seals, lockout hubs, u-joints, as well as technical facts, how-to articles, and a HUGE FAQ. Updated frequently.


Dana 60 ARB Air Locker Install

Every wonder what it takes to accomplish a driveway ARB air locker install, wonder no more as this article steps you through the process.


Boyce Equipment Dana 60

Let’s face it, you want to play hard and you want a Dana 60, with larger tires and increased horse power planned for the future the decision was easy.


Dana 60 Tech Tuesday

Find answers to all these questions:What do you know about this axle? Is there anything stronger? What does it cost? Where can I find one? How easy are parts to find? What swaps are available? Is it worth upgrading to from a Dana 44? Which gears are available? Anything else I should know about this axle?

Tech Tuesday: Dana 60 Front Axle