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Mag-Hytec Diff Covers

As well as offering increased lubricant and cooling capacity, Mag-Hytec covers will set your vehicle apart in both aesthetics and function.


Four X Doctor Diff Guard

These Diff Guards not only give you superior protection for your differential covers and gears, but are designed to help you slide up and over rocks and debris.


Jethro Built Diff Covers

Jethro Built Diff CoverHaving just invested a substantial amount of cash on new gears and a locker for my trusty 14-bolt rear axle, it was only natural to want to protect that investment. What I wanted was simply a smash-proof, bomb-proof, diff cover that would protect my axle’s guts, stand up to my “driving by brail” technique in the rocks, and fit right the first time. The solution I found was with this handsome unit built by relative newcomer Jethro-Bilt. There are many more heavy duty diff covers available on the market today than there were even just a few years ago, but I chose this one because of several attractive features.