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What’s the DIFF???

This is for anyone wondering what all the different names/types/brands/models/variations of differential do, and why you might want one over another. Most of the links take you to a manufacturer’s official tech page, including an exploded view of the particular diff, and a detailed explanation of how it works.


Four X Doctor Diff Guard

These Diff Guards not only give you superior protection for your differential covers and gears, but are designed to help you slide up and over rocks and debris.


Differential Repair and Installation Instructions

You can expect many years and many miles of dependable use from your differential if it is set up properly and if you use only top quality parts. You already have quality parts if you bought them from West Coast Differentials. By following these instructions carefully, you will achieve proper set up. We have successfully set up thousands of differentials without using a pinion depth setting tool. We sincerely hope that these instructions are helpful.


How A Differential Gear Works

This is a very educational video explaining how a differential gear really works. It starts from a point assuming you know nothing about an axle.