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Custom rear shock mounts for inboarding your shocks.

When I was coming around to completing my project truck, I was wondering how to get more flex. I figured out that my shocks were limiting me, and decided I needed a cheap fix to get more travel in the rear. After research, it seemed that inboarding my rear shocks was the way to go on the cheap.

Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

By: cbbr

My rear bumper is 2×4 and 2×2 3/16 with 10 guage sheet metal. The tire carrier is 2×4 3/16 held on with a 1″ x 10″ grade 8. The bolt has 2 contact points and passes through 4 sections of the 3/16. There is a grade 8 nut welded in near the bottom. I also ran a seam down the path so that the bolt threads all the way down and used flanged bronze bushings to keep things smooth. The other side is a 9/16 grade 8 and another nut welded in.

The sides of the rear are 3/16″ square tube, capped and angled in the front and then skinned in the 10 gauge sheet metal. They follow the original rub strip.

The whole thing is mounted to a set of CUCV mounts with lots of 9/16″ grade 8′s and has CUCV clevis rings.

The gas cans are NATO 5 gals and the mount is 3/16″ angle iron. I boxed in an original Chevy license plate mount so thatI could retain the light for inspection purposes.
I custom made the hinge with 2 shear points after seeing and reading about tire carriers using the aftermarket hinges breaking.  I believe that my design is far stronger because of both materials and the double shear point.