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Reider Racing

For over 25 years Reider Racing has been providing the highest quality ring & pinion gear sets available to the high performance enthusiast. When it comes to racing, off-roading or just cruising, no one wants to experience the cost and inconvenience of a gear failure.

Gear Setup and Installation

The mother of all gear setup articles – featuring the venerable Dana 60 but packed with info applicable to setting up all gears. Not only the “how” but the “why” of it all.


Dana 44 Installing Superior Axle & Gear’s Super 44 Kit

Makers of the popular Super 35 Kit designed to add strength to Jeep TJs equipped with Dana 35 rear axles, Superior Axle & Gear is now offering its Super 44 kit for Jeep TJs with the Dana 44 factory option. Using Superior’s Evolution-series axle shafts, the kit affords the ability to upgrade the stock 30-spline axle shafts to 33-spline ‘shafts for a significant increase in strength. This is an excellent means of gaining rear axle muscle without the expense or hassle of a custom axle swap.


How A Differential Gear Works

This is a very educational video explaining how a differential gear really works. It starts from a point assuming you know nothing about an axle.