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Dana 44 6 lug to 8 lug conversion

In this article, Steven Hunt will explain how to turn a D44 6 lug axle into an 8 lug version.

dodge vs chevy d60 – Pirate4x4.Com Bulletin Board

i got a 76-80 d-600 front dana60 and was wondering the differences between it and a chevy d60, other than wms and spring perch width.

What’s the DIFF???

This is for anyone wondering what all the different names/types/brands/models/variations of differential do, and why you might want one over another. Most of the links take you to a manufacturer’s official tech page, including an exploded view of the particular diff, and a detailed explanation of how it works.

Changing Auto hubs to Warn Manual Hub complete instructions with pics

The problem started when I found my “new” full size 1989 Bronco’s four wheel drive was only 2 wheel drive! No power was being delivered to the front wheels. It was mentioned at that if one of the auto hubs was bad and there was an open diff in the front, which 99% of the time its open from the factory, then one wheel (most likely
the one with the bad hub) will have the axle shaft free spin inside of the hub. Disclaimer Before I get too involved, let me mention I cannot be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle or personal injury to anyone if you fail to properly install your own manual hubs. This article is for information and education, and is not a substitute for experience and knowledge in performing your own repairs. Who ever performs the actual work on your vehicle assumes all responsibility and liability.

Solid Front Axle (SFA) Swap: OBS Chevy with Chevy 1 Ton Axles

This buildup shows the rebuilds of Chevy one ton axles and the fitment of them into an 88-98 body style Chevy truck originally equipped with independent front suspension (IFS). This is commonly referred to as a solid axle swap (SAS) using a solid front axle (SFA). The use of Chevy axles is preferable to Ford axles to some as the Chevy axles are easier to find and cheaper generally. The downside is that the front axle’€™s pinion is on the passenger side and therefore requires a passenger drop transfer case to work.

4×4 Mecca Forums Discussion Thread

Yukon Bearing Puller Review

Removing the carrier bearings from a differential is a real bear of a job at the best of times – and without the proper tools it’s almost impossible to do without damaging the bearings in the process.

Moser Custom Alloy Axles

Moser Custom Alloy Axles are the best in the business. We begin with premium quality alloy steel that is forged in Moser designed tooling, induction heat-treated to optimize torsional strength, and then 100% magnafluxed.

Reider Racing

For over 25 years Reider Racing has been providing the highest quality ring & pinion gear sets available to the high performance enthusiast. When it comes to racing, off-roading or just cruising, no one wants to experience the cost and inconvenience of a gear failure.

Randy’s Ring & Pinion

Randy’€™s Ring & Pinion is more than just the leading US supplier for ring & pinions, axles, installation kits, third members, race/differential small parts, tools, lockers, and posi-tractions. Randy’€™s is the one-stop solution to all of your differential needs. We are defined by unsurpassed inventory, vast parts selection, and top-notch industry expertise.

Speedi-Sleeve Install

A “mini-tech” article showing how I saved my nasty 14Bolt spindles and cured my perpetually leaky rear wheel hubs with the trick Speedi-Sleeve from Chcago Rawhide.