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Some good dana 44 & 60 info

Mr.N’s Dana Axle Articles

Solid Front Axle (SFA) Swap: OBS Chevy with Chevy 1 Ton Axles

This buildup shows the rebuilds of Chevy one ton axles and the fitment of them into an 88-98 body style Chevy truck originally equipped with independent front suspension (IFS). This is commonly referred to as a solid axle swap (SAS) using a solid front axle (SFA). The use of Chevy axles is preferable to Ford axles to some as the Chevy axles are easier to find and cheaper generally. The downside is that the front axle’€™s pinion is on the passenger side and therefore requires a passenger drop transfer case to work.

Setting Your Pinion Angle Correctly

Pinion angle is one of the more important measuerments on a lifted vehicle. The wrong angle can lead to drive line vibration and premature failure of U-joints, drive shafts, pinion bearings and even transfer case output bearings.

Videos of trucks with portal axles on them

Watch these videos to see some awesome portal axle action.

Mag-Hytec Diff Covers

As well as offering increased lubricant and cooling capacity, Mag-Hytec covers will set your vehicle apart in both aesthetics and function.

Dana 44 6 lug to 8 lug conversion

In this article, Steven Hunt will explain how to turn a D44 6 lug axle into an 8 lug version.

Gear Setup and Installation

The mother of all gear setup articles – featuring the venerable Dana 60 but packed with info applicable to setting up all gears. Not only the “how” but the “why” of it all.

Four X Doctor Diff Guard

These Diff Guards not only give you superior protection for your differential covers and gears, but are designed to help you slide up and over rocks and debris.

Differential Repair and Installation Instructions

You can expect many years and many miles of dependable use from your differential if it is set up properly and if you use only top quality parts. You already have quality parts if you bought them from West Coast Differentials. By following these instructions carefully, you will achieve proper set up. We have successfully set up thousands of differentials without using a pinion depth setting tool. We sincerely hope that these instructions are helpful.

Dana 70

Unfinished work of art about the big, bad Dana 70 rear axle. Some good Dana 70 1.5″ vs Dana 60 1.31″ axle shaft pics, and some spindle bore measurement comparisons too. I hope to add more info to this one when time allows.