Bellhousing bolt patterns

Bellhousing bolt patterns by MarlinCrawler 84′ to 03′ Toy 5 speed trannies use two bellhousing to transmission bolt patterns.[I]small 9 bolt pattern[/I] 84-88′ G52,54 carb 22R 89-95′ G58 EFI 22R 85-88′ W56 early EFI 22R 89-95′ W56 late EFI 22R 96-03′ W59 EFI 2.7 [I]large 9 bolt pattern[/I] 86-87′ R151F EFI Turbo 22R 88-95′ R150F EFI 3.0V6 96-03′ R150F EFI 3.4V6

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