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Boat Siding a Cherokee…

I will get some better pics after the plastic is on and the the belly skid is complete. Before and after.

Door Alignment

A good article on how to align your doors. Check it out, good pictures.

Fender Trimming Tips on a Full Size GM

Have you experienced the sound of your tires rearranging your sheet metal – Your rig may need a little off the sides.

Full Convertable Conversion on a K5 Blazer

Converting a post 1975 Chevrolet Full-size Blazer to Full Convertible Hardtop, like the 1973 through 1975 models is an easy afternoon project…

Phase one of new floor install – REMOVAL on a Full Size GM

Anyone that is thinking of replacing the rear floor should take a look at the detours (rust/rot) that Peter Snodgrass ran into that are now delaying the installation of his new floor.

Quick Release Door Hinges on a Full Size GM

If you have ever wanted to take the doors off of your Full-size Chevy / GMC Truck or Blazer, Read on and learn how to create quick release door hinge pins.

89-91 Grill Swap on a Full Size GM

Neil Pickett explains how to update an older Blazer to look like a 89-91.

Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

By: cbbr

My rear bumper is 2×4 and 2×2 3/16 with 10 guage sheet metal. The tire carrier is 2×4 3/16 held on with a 1″ x 10″ grade 8. The bolt has 2 contact points and passes through 4 sections of the 3/16. There is a grade 8 nut welded in near the bottom. I also ran a seam down the path so that the bolt threads all the way down and used flanged bronze bushings to keep things smooth. The other side is a 9/16 grade 8 and another nut welded in.

The sides of the rear are 3/16″ square tube, capped and angled in the front and then skinned in the 10 gauge sheet metal. They follow the original rub strip.

The whole thing is mounted to a set of CUCV mounts with lots of 9/16″ grade 8′s and has CUCV clevis rings.

The gas cans are NATO 5 gals and the mount is 3/16″ angle iron. I boxed in an original Chevy license plate mount so thatI could retain the light for inspection purposes.
I custom made the hinge with 2 shear points after seeing and reading about tire carriers using the aftermarket hinges breaking.  I believe that my design is far stronger because of both materials and the double shear point.