Front Dana 60 Axle 35 Spline Stub Shaft, Drive Flange, and “BIG” Inner shaft tech

Detailed installation of “Big” (non-neckdown, 1981+) inner axle shafts, Dana 70 35 Spline stub shafts, and Warn 35 Spline Drive Flanges in a Chevy dana 60 front axle. Ever wondered what the differences between the “small” and “big” shafts were? What the 35 spline stub shafts are like compared to the stock 60 30 spliners? Exactly what drive flanges consist of and how to install them? Well, it’s all here – detailed pics, specs, etc. Also detailed instructions on installing u-joints in axle shafts, and what the heck are all those seals on the stub shaft and in what order/orientation are they installed? Read it here!

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