How to Strip the Paint from Your Truck

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Paint Stripping TruckAs time passes, the paint on your truck may start to chip away or fade for a number of different reasons. That is why so many people invest hundreds and even thousands of dollars in repainting their trucks to keep them looking shiny and beautiful, as if they just left the showroom floor.

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Why Not Cover Up Old Paint Instead?

Even though it may be more cost-effective and timely to just cover up the old paint with a new coating, the most effective way of getting the job done right the first time around is through a complete truck paint stripping. Otherwise, the old paint will eventually resurface and ruin the quality and appearance of the newly applied coating. How can this be accomplished? There are several ways that you can strip the paint right off of your truck, but the best way is to use a chemical stripper.

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Stripping the Paint with a Chemical Stripper

You will first need to remove everything that is attached to the truck’s exterior, such as the glass, fixtures and rubber trim. Otherwise, these items can easily become destroyed by the chemical stripper. After applying the stripper to the painted surface of the body of the truck, wait until the surface is ready to be scraped and then scrape it all with a putty knife.

If there is still some paint left on the surface, apply the stripper again and repeat the process. Once it has all been scraped off, thoroughly rinse the truck off and give it plenty of time to dry. You can even use some course-grit sandpaper to remove any remaining paint followed by a fine-grit sandpaper to get the surface of your truck nice and smooth.

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Safety Always Comes First

There are more methods of truck paint stripping that can be used, such as blasting and sanding. Regardless of the specific method that you prefer, there is one common trend that is shared between all of them – the importance of safety! Stripping paint from a truck exposes you to an abundance of hazardous chemicals, high-powered equipment, fragments of metal, etc.

Some people may advise you to take certain shortcuts to save time and money, but it is very important that you only take the safest route possible. Make sure that you are wearing goggles and a respirator to protect your face from flying dust particles and chemicals. Use heavy duty gloves to protect your hands while using the equipment and wear a thick t-shirt to further protect your body when either sanding or blasting your truck.

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