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Emergency Off-Road Recovery Gear

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Being Prepared with Emergency Off-Road Recovery Gear

For those that take part in a lot of off-road activities, being prepared for any given situation could be a life saver. This is especially true if the off-road activities you like will take place in remote areas. The saying goes, “you can never be over prepared.” The point is, emergencies will pop up when you least expect them, and if you haven’t taken the necessary precautions, such as being prepared with emergency off-road recovery gear, you could find yourself in a place without a way to help yourself. Below you’re going to discover a bit more about self preparedness, and some of the items you will need if a situation ever presents itself.

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Off-Road Recovery Gear List

Self Preparedness Equipment

The first thing you should think about when taking part in any off-road activities will be some of the self preparedness equipment needed, just in case an accident were to take place where your vehicle became completely immobile. Although this doesn’t happen often, it happens often enough to place people in situations where they either don’t have the right equipment to treat themselves, or they don’t have the right type of items to sustain themselves until help arrives.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Having a complete Emergency First Aid Kit will be the number one consideration before heading out to your off-road destination. When you prepare your kit, you should make sure that it includes Band-Aids, Gauze pads, Ace bandage, a small pair of scissors, butterfly closures, tweezers, antiseptic ointment, pain relievers, rubbing alcohol, burn ointment, disposable gloves, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, cold packs that are Instantly activated, matches, lighter, calamine lotion, sewing needle, sewing thread, flashlight, first aid manual, eye wash solution, and a battery operated two-way radio.

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Food and Water

There are emergency kits that you can purchase that will also contain emergency food and water for up to one or two weeks. These particular kits are small enough to fit in a backpack. The food is instant, and it doesn’t require heat or water before eating. This will be very important when going on in off-road expedition whether you’re by yourself or you’re with a group of other individuals.

Necessary Repair Equipment

The next very important item will be the necessary repair equipment required just in case your vehicle has only been moderately disabled.

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The Right Tools

Most of the time, when people go on and off road trip they forget to bring the right type of tools. The only tools that will be required will be those tools necessary to fix anything mechanically wrong with your vehicle, or those needed to make repairs on damage equipment that needs to be replaced. It’s important to make a list before leaving, that way you have the necessary tools (Off Road Survival Kit)┬ájust in case a situation comes up. The tools shown to the right are just an example of a nice kit to have if you’re traveling in to remote areas.


When most people go off road, a winch will be a necessary tool for pulling your vehicle out of ditches, gullies, or other areas where it may be difficult to navigate without having some type of support during the process. In addition to your winch, it’ll be important to grab a pulley or two, which will help with leverage just in case you need to pull the vehicle one way, while driving in another.

Hi-Lift Jack

Probably considered to be one of the most important tools will be a Hi-lift Jack. These jacks have been specifically designed to provide you with the lifting capacity required to get your vehicle off the ground regardless of the situation you find yourself in. You can choose between cast-steel, all-cast, or an extreme version that offers a military grade metal. The Hi-lift Jack will also come with an adjustable clamp or clevis, a 7000 pound shear safety bolt, and a lifting capacity of around 4500 to 5000 pounds. This device can be used for lifting or winching, which will give you everything needed in a situation where you have no choice but to lift or move your vehicle.


Depending on the type of off road activities you’ll be taking part in, you may want to bring a portable welder just in case something breaks. Quite frankly, if you’re doing any kind of serious off-roading, things will break. So it will be important to choose wisely when bringing a portable welder, or at least something that will work using a 12 or 24 V battery set up.

Spare Tire

Lastly, you do not want to forget your spare tire. So many times when individuals go off-road, the one item that can save a lot of grief is a spare tire that is fully inflated. Make a list, check it off, and make sure that the spare has been checked appropriately.

The information provided here is to give you a better understanding about the emergency items you’ll need when going off road. Being prepared with emergency off-road recovery gear could save your life, as well as the life of someone else that might be a part of your group.

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