Spray Painting Your Truck

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How to spray paint your own truck
Most good off road trucks are a few years old, and might have faded or scratched paint. Rather than spend hundreds or thousands to have it professionally painted, you can spray paint it yourself, and save the money!

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Why would you do it yourself you ask? Think about it, if you really plan on taking your truck offroad, your bound to to have rocks tossed up at you, trees reach out and grab you, or the ever popular “hold my beer and watch this”. So why cringe when your paint gets chipped? Just whip out the ole rattle can and fix it on the spot.

Step 1

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  • Remove anything bolted to the body, this means mirrors, grills, lights, bumpers, everything.

Step 2

  • Get your grinder out and put a sanding disk on it, 120 grit is fine for deep scratches. Grind all the deep scratches to the metal, then go back over it with a finer sanding disk, maybe 220 or so. Then finally get an even finer grit, and sand it by hand until it’s all as smooth as glass

Step 3

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  • Tape up your windows and weather stripping, basically anything you don’t want panted.


Step 4

  • Hit it with a primer that is close to your final color, I used flat white primer.

Step 5

  • Now hit it with your color of choice. I used Gloss White in the industrial size can. After 3-6 coats, making sure you hit the parts you ground down, let it dry for at least an hour.

Step 6

  • Now I hit it with a few coats of clear coat to make it smooth to the touch, and a little more durable.

Step 7

  • Get the wife and dog in on it while you take pictures.

Step 8

  • Reinstall everything except the side mirrors. Who really needs those anyway. That’s it, your done!

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