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How to remove end cap on steering box

Theres a tiny hole in the top of the box just above the ring.
Put a tiny punch or small allen wrench in there and tap it out.

Theres a tiny hole in the top of the box just above the ring.

XJ shaft install

This is on my ’88 K5. Some of the older steering boxes won’t work with this swap due to having a bigger splined end on the steering box. I don’t know the years or models off hand, but I’m sure someone on here does.

Once I got the shaft home I took the two halves apart and cleaned it up and painted it. The shaft that I got had plastic inserts that kept the two halves from moving. I just drilled them out and threw away the inserts. The pic’€™s below show where I drilled and where the inserts were. The holes were already there. That’s where the plastic inserts had nubs that stuck in there.

4×4 Mecca Forums Discussion Thread

AGR install Manual


Sway Bar Removal

First off lets look at the reason we have sway bars to begin with. A sway bar connects the left and right sides of a suspension together. During cornering, the body tends to lean or fall over. This is what is commonly referred to as body roll. Connected to each side of the axle, the pressure applied from cornering twists the sway bar against the lean, causing a reaction that produces a lifting force on the outside of the body and a downward force on the inside of the body. The idea of this is to keep the truck level helping even the weight on both tires, helping keep traction in a turn. In this case my truck is lifted and top heavy causing the truck to lean hard during cornering. When this happends it actuily lifts weight off the inside tires, causing the truck not to turn well. There are a few more down sides to the sway bar on a lifted truck. We will start with articulation. Because the sway bar links both sides of the axle togther trying to keep both tires at the same distance from the frame, it also holds the wheels from touching the ground when you need some twist. There is also the problem of lifted truck having stiff springs wich allready make them ride ruff. Now every time one wheel hits a pot hole or bump it is also twisting against the sway bar making it less responsive, causing a stiff ride.

100% bolt-up saginaw pump

My stock PS pump took a dump on me a few weeks ago, gave me an exucse to upgrade to MUCH better saginaw pump. Yeah most of you guys think sag pump=custom mods/brackets. well i was talkin to a fellow FTW member, told be about the sag pump that directly bolts up. Ordered the pump and installed it on Sunday. I didnt get pics of the “swap” becuse its the same steps that you have to do to replace the stock pump. Though i did steal a bunch of pics of 94bronco351′s swap Get a Haynes/Chiltons book, helps a bunch.

Crossover Install on a K5 Blazer

Follow along as Glenn Viveiros explains how he outfitted his 77 K5 Blazer with a custom crossover steering system.

Discussion Thread

Follow along as Glenn Viveiros explains how he outfitted his 77 K5 Blazer with a custom crossover steering system.

Balljoint Writeup – 95 Bronco

This was a pretty complicated one for me, living in the rust belt and never done this before. Just make sure that you have a Haynes manual by your side! Remember, this was done on a 95 Bronco. Your setup may vary.

Dana 44 High Steer Conversion on Early Bronco Axles

It’€™s been almost three years since the Early Bronco axles went under the Jeep’€™s springs. It only took a few days to get used to the way my YJ behaved with the spring over and everything else that had changed during that project, but one thing that always bothered me was the bump steer. That much lift had put such an angle on the drag link that I felt every pothole and speed bump as a tug on the steering wheel, and even accelerating and braking made the Jeep pull to one side or the other as the front springs compressed and extended. I got used to all this just fine, but obviously something needed to be done sooner or later. The other downside to the D44 upgrade was the loss of turning radius ‘€“ the combination of a dropped YJ pitman arm and the factory EB knuckles left me with fond memories of the (relatively) small stock YJ turning circle.