Teraflex T-Locker Review in a Dana 60

I had long wanted a selectable locker for the front of my rig. While my old welded-up spool provided all the traction I ever wanted, the handling it induced was terrible. The overwhelming tendency for the front wheels to plow straight ahead while turned, seriously compromised maneuverability. It was especially annoying in tight, technical rock crawling where precision is key and a few inches can mean making or losing the line. Adding full hydraulic steering did nothing to help ‘€“ sure, it reduced the steering effort a lot, but it can’€™t make the wheels track a turn the way an open differential can. I tried various other ‘€œsolutions’€ to the problem: I added cutting brakes and I tried using locking hubs instead of drive flanges but nothing stopped the front end from plowing. And so I knew that if it was the ultimate in both traction and turning I wanted, a selectable locker I must have. But which one?


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