The BillaVista-60 Super Dana 60 Front Axle Project

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2003 was a year distinguished by the continued explosive growth in popularity of hardcore off-roading, trail riding, and rock crawling. It was also a year that saw a massive increase in the availability of hardcore parts for the most serious rock crawlers and trail runners, thanks to a number of select companies (like those pictured above) stepping up to the plate and offering truly innovative, great quality parts – built specifically for the abuse we like to dish out.

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Part 1a – The Tech Behind the Talk – Steel and Material Strength
Part 1b – The Tech Behind the Talk – Axle Shaft Technology
Part 2 – Superior Shafts and CTM Joints
Part 3 – Polyperformance Drive Flanges
Part 4 – Crane High Clearance Knuckles, Steering Arms, and Diff Cover
Part 5 – Selectable Locker
Part 6 – Testing and Summary

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GARD Pro Not Registered

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