To Do List

To Do ListThis page is my “To Do List” for 4x4Mecca. It shows my goals for content, features, and growth. If you think I’m missing a feature or I am focusing on the wrong areas, please drop me a line!

Current Task

January 2013 – Working on the mobile theme the most. Resize your browser and see what I mean. I’m working on a slick, smooth mobile website.

 2013 Goals

  • January
    • Finish Mobile Website & App
  • February
    • Add 1,000 Trails
  • March
    • Add 1,000 Tech Articles
  • May
    • Add 1,000 Forums/Clubs
  • June
    • Add 1,000 Vendors
  • July
    • Add 100 Newsletter Articles
  • August
    • Add and Train additional Staff
  • September
    • Add 25+ Pillar Articles (Articles which are very long and in depth)
  • October
    • Add 1,500 Trails
  • November
    • Add 1,500 Vendors
  • December
    • Add 1,500 Forums/Clubs

 2014 Goals

  • 4×4 Podcast? (If there is enough interest)


The forums are running smoothly. They haven’t been changed in a long time. The members know how to use it, and there is no reason as of now to fix something which isn’t broken.

  • That being said, I do want to make the forums cleaner on a mobile phone without having to install an app.


The main site refers to everything NOT in the forums. Here is a bullet point TO DO LIST for 4×4 Mecca.

  • Find good chat that works with wordpress registered members.
  • Make user blogs automatically created when they become an EXTREME Member.
  • Make Mobile Version of site more user friendly.
  • Add over 3000 trails during 2013
  • Add over 3000 vendors during 2013
  • Add over 1,000 forums & clubs during 2013
  • Average 100,000 page views monthly by the end of 2013
  • Clean up user “favorites” feature.
  • Location Aware Searches
    • Have our trails, clubs and vendor searches automatically search depending on your current location. This can be cell phone or computer.
  • Set up Private Messages – Send private messages to other site members
  • Create Unique Member Only Content
    • Get access to our lengthy, members only content. This includes lengthy how to articles, a training video library, brochure download area, in depth trail reviews, and more!
    • I may make this content available to non members if the tax on the server to serve this content isn’t major.
  • No Ads Anywhere for paying members.
  • Affiliate Program (it’s in place, but not configured fully)
  • RSVP to Events – RSVP to upcoming events, see who else is going, and more!
  • Tag Friends – Tag other registered members as your friends and keep track on what they are doing.
  • Free 4x4Mecca sticker (for paying members, I’d like to have a bumper sticker mailed to them when they sign up)
  • Access to emergency repair articles on mobile app without internet connection.
  • Members Only Chat Room
  • Custom Blog – Your very own 4×4 blog! You can use it as a central location for all your build posts, a personal build journal, or almost anything else 4×4 related.
  • Classifieds – Free posting to our classifieds section
  • Possibly create some sort of parts database, so people can type in something like “axle seal” and it would present a list of all the axle seals, usages, and part numbers that we have.
  • Add more content to newsletter.

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